2020 USA Olympic Women’s Skate has a Posse!!

The true origins of the Olympic Games are a mystery, but mythology states the games were founded by Hercules and his father Zeus, around 776 BC. Chariot races and primitive versions of discus and other track and field events were celebrated with excessive revelry, alongside ritual sacrifices of those with less agility. 

FAST FORWARD 3000 YEARS - Skateboarding is going to be in the Olympics!

Sunday’s USA National Championship qualifier was hard fought, but free from ritual sacrifices or even focused boards. The skating was excellent and at the end of the day, history was made with our first-ever women’s skateboarding Olympic Team 2020.

The USA team is tight, we can all agree, but the qualifying isn’t over yet. Only 3 women from each “discipline” can compete in Tokyo. The details over how the ensuing stages of eligibility will play out are hazy but when the smoke clears, have the jiffy pop ready to heat up on that Olympic torch, cause THIS is going to be INTERESTING! BIG congrats to the team, you’ve already made us proud! USA!  -Migz